Print resources

There are a great many sources of information about glass, most of which are in print form rather than on-line.

The pages linked to below list many relevant books and articles. Where time has permitted, entries have been annotated. Come back for more.

Books on early American glass and related topics
These pages list a great many books on early American glass, related decorative arts and European glass.
Articles on glass in the Magazine Antiques
Since its first appearance in 1922 The Magazine Antiques has been the leading venue for articles on the American decorative arts. These pages list articles on glass found in Antiques.
Exhibitions about or featuring early American glass
These pages list exhibitions that featured early American glass or related topics. Many of the listed catalogs are much broader in scope, and help place glass in historical context.

On-line resources

On-line catalog of the Rakow Library
The Rakow Library at the Corning Museum of Glass is the preeminent research library in the field.