Talk: July 20 2013

American mold blown tableware
A fresh look at Blown Three Mold

by Ian Simmonds

2013 National Antique Bottle Show
Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown
Manchester, New Hampshire

George and Helen McKearin’s 1941 book American Glass brought order to the two earliest categories of American molded glass: the large variety of figured and historical flasks, and the equally large and varied group of mold blown tableware. Both were first made around 1815 but while flasks were made until at least the Civil War, mold blown tableware was gradually replaced by pressed glass starting in 1828. Both categories contain great rarities and both attracted high prices from early collectors.

Ian’s “fresh look” at “blown three mold” will start by showing what is unique about this glass. Just like historical flasks, this glass was blown, shaped and patterned in hinged molds. However, a great many pieces of blown three mold were further shaped by hand, leading to many other forms including bowls, pitchers, tumblers and salt dishes.

Next, Ian will show some of the many varieties of blown three mold and how Helen McKearin went about classifying them.

Finally, he will share his new research about which pieces were made first and which came later. In particular Ian will present the first TEN recorded examples of tableware molds that were modified, and help clean up the story of which blown three mold was made at Keene and when they made it.